Julian Day



Late Summer FlowersAnstruther Press, 2021


"Red Sun" — dusie (forthcoming)

"Twillingate, 3"Ghost City Review (December 2021)

"Absence" — Banshee, Issue 12

"River and Burn"Arc Award of Awesomeness, March 2021

"Honeycomb" — This Magazine, March/April 2021

"After the Apocalypse"Juniper, Volume 4, Issue 3

"1999", "2021"minison zine

"Bio/luminescence (excerpt)", "Dandelions", "Ghazal for End of Winter", "IM on Your Last Day"The Pi Review

"My Bosses Want Me to Attend the Company Mindfulness Session"Train : a poetry journal

"The Ledger", "Midwinter" — Train : a poetry journal, Issue 9

"The Swan"Cypress

"Angels"8 Poems, Issue 2.12

"Family Love" — heart (post ghost press)

"Philae", "X-Ray" — EVENT, Issue 49/1

"Twillingate, 2"Ghost City Review, April 2020

"Newfoundland Fragments" — Winnipeg Free Press: Writes of Spring 2020, April 18 2020

"Why Would You Write About Sage Creek?"Chaudiere Books, National Poetry Month feature, April 4 2020

"Saskatchewan"Juniper, Volume 3, Issue 3

"Ceasefire"Rockvale Review, Issue 5

"Fable"Ghost City Review, September 2019

"March Thaw with Dead Robin"Contemporary Verse 2 2019 2-Day Poem Contest (Editor's Mom's Choice), Fall 2019

"Climate Change" BBest of the Net NomineeThe /tƐmz/ Review, Issue 8

"Lacuna: Iliad XVIII"8 Poems, Issue 2.1

"Bog Man at Lindow", "Morning Prayer", "Qu'Appelle Moon" — Qwerty, Issue 39

"Bloom" — Contemporary Verse 2, Winter 2019

"Presence"8 Poems, Issue 7

"Judith and Holofernes" — The Feathertale Review, Issue 21

"Cadence" — Winnipeg Free Press, National Poetry Month feature, April 29 2017

Creative Nonfiction

"Coming to the Viola" — Riddle Fence (forthcoming)


"Dragon Warrior"talking about strawberries all the time, October 6 2021

Essays & Reviews

Skylarking by Mark Callananperiodicities, July 2 2021

Drakkar Noir by Michael ChangBarrelhouse, April 29 2021

A Sinking Ship is Still a Ship by Ariel Franciscoperiodicities, January 3 2021

Light Waves The Leaves by Razielle Aigenperiodicities, November 2 2020

White Blood: A Lyric of Virginia by Kiki PetrosinoWhale Road Review, Issue 20

Roguelike by Mathew HendersonThe /tƐmz/ Review, Issue 11

Unlucky Fours by Ellen Chang-Richardsonperiodicities, April 1 2020

Notes and Dispatches: Essays, by rob mclennanEmpty Mirror, October 25 2019

"This Hour, and That One: The Importance of the Arts in Education" — Saskatchewan Teachers Federation Bulletin 84-07.


Late Summer Flowers — Russell Carisse in periodicities

Late Summer Flowers — Kim Fahner in periodicities

Late Summer Flowers by Julian Day — Bryce Warnes in The Pamphleteer

Valentine's Day, 2021: nina jane drystek, Nicholas Power + Julian Day — rob mclennan

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notes from the field - Winnipeg, MBperiodicities, September 4 2021

Interviews & Conversations

Six Questions interviewChaudiere Books, March 14 2021

An interview with Julian DayTrain : a poetry journal, January 28 2021

"Julian Day : My (Small Press) Writing Day"my (small press) writing day, November 6 2018


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